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Smoke The Podcast

SMOKE is a new form of podcast, a fast paced action comedy, with characterizations, music and sound effects designed to create the effect of an “audio motion picture”.

The website is designed to be responsive and compatible with the following devices:

  • - Amazon Kindle Fire HDX
  • - Apple iPad
  • - Apple iPad Mini
  • - Apple iPhone 4
  • - Apple iPhone 5
  • - Apple iPhone 6
  • - Apple iPhone 6 Plus
  • - BlackBerry PlayBook
  • - BlackBerry Z30
  • - Google Nexus 10
  • - Google Nexus 4
  • - Google Nexus 5
  • - Google Nexus 7
  • - LG Optimus L70
  • - Laptop with HiDPI Screen
  • - Laptop with MDPI Screen
  • - Laptop with touch
  • - Nokia Lumia 520
  • - Nokia N9
  • - Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • - Samsung Galaxy Note II
  • - Samsung Galaxy S III
  • - Samsung Galaxy S4
  • - and more


The podcast is made available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio as well as other Podcast syndicating services such as Overcast App.  As the author, Hank Shaeffer, releases an episode on the website, it is posted as a new episode on these platforms.

The illustrations/Paintings on the website are created by Ocean Peace Design, as per the suggestion from the author to give listeners “a feel for the locations, the rides, and some of the other stuff the characters talk about” in this story that takes place in fictitious Redwood County, which is based on a real(?) location – Humboldt County.

The below is the synopsis of the story. Whether you live in Humboldt County or not (If you do, you will get a kick out of it for sure!), the addictive storyline will captivate you and make you want to binge listen episode after episode.

Vice cop, Eddie Fuentes, got bounced from the Oakland PD, not an easy thing to do. For an encore, he’s headed home to Redwood County to settle some affairs for his dope grower dad, who just went off a bridge.

The “affairs” start with a very sexy redhead by the name of Shanna Black. Shanna’s a drug lawyer in the cross-hairs of a DEA investigation. She thinks Eddie could be part of her exit strategy, if only she can motivate him to sell a piece of land to a Wall Street tycoon looking to clearcut a stand of old growth redwood … without tipping off a dope grower client who doesn’t like building roads.

Meanwhile, Eddie’s got problems of his own, like a professional killer with a dead brother and an unforgiving mom. And oh, yeah, Eddie’s old pool hustler pal, a Mynot Indian working on a little tribal development project called the Redwood Casino.

Mix all this together with a U.S. Attorney, dying to embellish her Wikipedia page, and what do you get? It could be the biggest asset seizure in U.S. drug enforcement history— if we can figure out who’s seizing what from whom.

Lethal loggers, crooked cops, corporate connivers, adaptable environmentalists, the original Dr. Feelgood, and a Native American master of “media optics”— they all face off in Redwood County, where the biggest industry is definitely — SMOKE!


Seaside Writer’s Retreat


Seaside Writer’s Retreat is a workshop/retreat held annually in the beautiful coastal town of Trinidad in Northern California. The event is guided by some of the area’s distinguished writers at a private retreat nestled in the redwoods.  The event organizer wanted to have a simple, informative website that introduces the featured writers as well as providing information about the event. She also wanted to be able to edit the website herself (Content Management System – CMS).  It was also requested to have a sign-up page where guests can register and pay for the event.


Firstly, the website is responsive, which means it looks great on any devices of varying sizes.  (Try to resize the window of your browser and see how the layout changes.)  The simplified backend (CMS) enables the event organizer to update the content of the website after each event.   The retreat information is clear and concise in this easy-to-navigate website, and registering for the event is fast and easy on the sign-up page.

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As Waves.


A simple photo blog that looks beautiful on any devices… This photo blog captures the lives of seamen/seawomen in the coastal town of Trinidad. One of the client’s requests was to be able to upload content with his phone easily.


The website is responsive, and it works on all major devices/browsers.  Its minimalistic design vivifies the photos in this photo blog, which was the main objective of this project.  We customized the backend of the Content Management System in order to optimize the usability on mobile devices.

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Arise Bakery


We were so excited to work with one of the most inspiring local businesses/friends, Arise Gluten Free Bakery.  The owner, Reah, takes great photos of her products and updates her Facebook Page frequently, so we wanted to include a easy way to upload photos for the blog page and update the product list.  Also, she wanted to reach out her fans and friends via email in addition to Facebook.  She also wanted to consolidate her CSB (Community Supported Bakery) orders in an organized manner electronically.  Our objective was to enable her to do all of these things from one centralized location — her website.


Firstly, the website is responsive, which means it looks great on any devices of varying sizes.  (Try to resize the window of your browser and see how the layout changes.)  The backend of the website easily lets her update the product list and publish blog articles without any technical skills.  She can then easily drag and drop these items to create a beautiful newsletter, which will be sent to her fans.  When she receives an online order, an email with the buyer’s info is sent to her and keeps the log automatically.

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Salty’s Website


Have you been to Salty’s Surf, Skate, & Tackle in Trinidad? The interior of the physical store is decorated with recycled lumber from crates once used by local commercial crab fishermen.  The website is intended to have the rustic feel as the physical store.  As a surf/tackle shop, the following features were also requested.

1. “Catch of the Day” where users can submit their photos. 
2. “Forecast” where users can glance local up-to-date forecast. 
3. “Store” where employees can manage its inventory


All the mentioned objectives were achieved in this custom-made website. Other features include: scrolling slideshows, forums, content management system, news letter, and more.

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