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Arise Bakery

web design

We were so excited to work with one of the most inspiring local businesses/friends, Arise Gluten Free Bakery.  The owner, Reah, takes great photos of her products and updates her Facebook Page frequently, so we wanted to include a easy way to upload photos for the blog page and update the product list.  Also, she wanted to reach out her fans and friends via email in addition to Facebook.  She also wanted to consolidate her CSB (Community Supported Bakery) orders in an organized manner electronically.  Our objective was to enable her to do all of these things from one centralized location — her website.


Firstly, the website is responsive, which means it looks great on any devices of varying sizes.  (Try to resize the window of your browser and see how the layout changes.)  The backend of the website easily lets her update the product list and publish blog articles without any technical skills.  She can then easily drag and drop these items to create a beautiful newsletter, which will be sent to her fans.  When she receives an online order, an email with the buyer’s info is sent to her and keeps the log automatically.

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